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Hi, my name is Maxim Safronov. I graduated from journalism and advertising. Worked as a copywriter at McCann Erickson advertising Agency. Recent years, professional photographer, mostly stock.
The art of photography is not only a well-chosen camera, professional light surrounding the entourage, but also accumulates all the knowledge gained earlier. However, to become a photographer, you need to practice. Neither mountains of books read, nor a large number of seminars listened will not replace a simple act of photography, and this certainly can not agree.

In my school years, I received an art education, which gave me great potential for the development of spatial perception, because one of the biggest mistakes that a photographer can make is to hope that his photo will look like the real world. If we limit our imagination to the real world, we will forever try to copy its beauty, but we will never be able to do anything more.” This concept I was able to fully apply, working in a large and well-known advertising Agency, where your multi-faceted, unlimited vision of the real world embodied in the most daring and extraordinary ideas. After all, if you do not try to see more than the visible, you will never see anything.
I travel a lot, discover new, unsurpassed in its beauty, amazing places. I have at my disposal a huge portfolio of numerous photographs on a variety of topics: portraits, weddings, love story, subject shooting, Nude, reportage photography, landscapes, etc.My knowledge and years of experience as a photographer in a variety of directions, give unlimited potential for the realization of any tasks. I do not try to remember the rules of composition before shooting, because it’s like thinking about the law of gravity, going for a walk. After all, the difference between the beautiful and the bad is a matter of a few millimeters, in fact a very small difference, but significant.
I think that there is no big difference between photographers, but small differences are very important. All my work is a desire to achieve aesthetics, to catch the very millimeters that make a master class from the usual picture.
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